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Reasons why you must visit Bhutan at least once in your life

Bhutan is a small country that is located in the middle of India and China. The country did not let any tourists into the country until 1974. Even though tourists are let to visit the country now, there is close and a precise monitoring process of those who enter and leave the country.

When you visit Bhutan by getting Bhutan tours from Singapore which will solve all the complications that you have, you have the chance to learn a lot about Buddhism, the history of the country, the culture, etc. What you learn in Bhutan will certainly make you a better person and when you are in Bhutan, you will learn something completely different from what you see every day. This makes Bhutan a must visit. If you are palming your trip to Bhutan, here are some of the things that you must do:

The most popular attraction; The Tiger’s Nest

When you are in Bhutan, what you should not miss out on vising is the tiger’s nest which is known as Paro Taktsang in the local language. This temple was built in a cliff in 1692. There is defend that the spot is where the second Buddha flew into on a faming tiger and mediated for years. Thus, this is concerned a major religious site in the country. If you visit this place you will learn a great deal about the Buddhism and the legends as well.

The Bhutan festivals

Just like Brazil, Bhutan has their own festivals. The festival is named ‘Punakshu Tsechu’ that will have a lot of firecrackers and yes, footwork as well. They will be celebrating the bringing of Buddhism to Bhutan by Rinpoche. Moreover, this festival happens in one of the biggest fortress in the country known as Punakha Dzong. Thus, you will be witnesses the great dances and the culture of Bhutan once again when you visit the country just in time for this festival.

For the adrenaline junkies

If you are an adrenaline junkie, Bhutan is also the place for you because Bhutan isn’t all about culture and religion, but the country has some amazing mountains that you can climb if you are up for a challenge. Some of the mountains that you can climb are Jitsu Drake and Mount Jhomolhari. Make sure that you do some research when you are choosing which mountains to climb as there are different restrictions that are set on them. All in all, you will be getting a great deal of experiences when choose to visit Bhutan.

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