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How to choose flowers for your wedding day

One of the most important aspects that can add elegance to your wedding is the flowers that are used for the day including the nosegays that are used by the bridal group and bride. It not only enhances the aesthetics of the wedding, it will also tell people a lot about you and your wedding. Therefore you need to make sure that the right flowers are chosen for the day. This can be really challenging because there is so much choice out there. Here are some tips on how you can pick the right flowers.

Use your wedding dress to guide you on this

A rule of thumb that any bride needs to follow when they are choosing flowers for their big day is that it has to be the type that will draw the eye immediately to the dress that you are wearing. It should be able to add to and enhance your bridal look. If you are wearing something that is styled like a luxurious ball gown for your wedding dress you should always choose flowers and a flower arrangement that will look simple. If you are wearing something that has a lot of heavy embroidery or sequined you should have bunches that come with small flowers like carnations and daisies. If you have selected a really simple of sheath dress you can use large bunches of flowers that look elaborate like roses, orchids and even succulents.

Make sure they are coordinated with your bridesmaids

Make sure that your flower arrangements are all done by professionals. You can look for bridal bouquet Singapore options or any other location depending upon where you are. You should also coordinate with your bridesmaids and try and do so creatively. For example, if the bridesmaids all have a single flower each, you can actually make yours a combination of all of them. However make sure that you also incorporate a special flower that is only there in the bunch of flowers you are holding.

Look at the big picture

If you have planned out your big day according to a specific theme then make sure that the flowers you choose are ones that go well with this theme. The flowers that you choose should also complement and add to the beauty of the colours that you have used in your wedding. If you have centerpieces and the likes with a certain type of flowers you can add to this a bit more but also keep those flowers included in the flowers that you choose to accessorize your look with.

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