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Best yoga studios for beginners in Hong Kong

It has been more than 5000 years ago when yoga was introduced to mankind. It is best known for a combination of stretching poses to strengthen the body, deep breathing techniques and meditation. A great workout for everyone that gives a lot of health benefits such as strengthening inner muscles, removing back pain, stress and even anxiety. If you’re feeling loss and wanted to find some balance and tranquility in your life, this is the best activity that you can do.No wonder why this practice has been booming all throughout the world over the years.

If you are currently based in Hong Kong and wanted to try it for the first time, written below are some of the best studios in the city.


A cozy studio that gives you a chill vibe from the moment you entered the place. It offers vinsaya based classes that focus on improving human’s health and wellbeing. They only accept a few number of people every class to ensure that everyone get a chance to have a one on one experience with the trainer and their classmates. Students are guided accordingly from the foundation and basic movement to ensure that balance is properly maintained in every turn. Meditation practice is done in the beginning to set everyone’s mind and body for a more peaceful and relax environment to everyone.

Yoga Room

Accessible and located in the city center, this studio offers more than 100 classes a week and known as one of the best workout studio for beginners. They have highly skilled professionals assigned to teach in The Forrest class for beginners. They allow each student to practice every pose slowly but surely in their own time without pressure and ensuring that there is always someone to guide and support them all throughout the class.

Bam Bam

A studio owned by a yoga specialist. It is located in the Central district closed to artistic stores and shops selling sports and yoga wear Hong Kong. It offers both traditional and creative classes. They do not ask for a membership fee and has a pay as you go service that is perfect for those who just want to try a class without any commitment to finish a month-long sessions.


One of the rare studios in Asia offering Qi Gong, a mixture of yoga poses and martial arts for strengthening the body. As you enter this studio, their staff will be the one to assess and let you know which practice suits your needs and body condition. They are committed in transforming the quality of your life through different yoga techniques and meditation.

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